Holiday to London Tourist Information

A cheap holiday to London, England provides many exciting adventures, including site seeing, top-notch theatre, world class shopping, and many historical sites. London is the capital of England and is the second most visited tourist destination in the world, just behind Paris. The city of London was founded by the Roman Empire some two millennia ago. Some of the most popular historical sites and most see attractions in London are the Tower of London, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the settlement of Greenwich and Westminster (which includes the Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and St. Margaret Church. Other popular places to visit while touring London are Big Ben, the British Museum, and the Tower Bridge.

Points of Interest a Cheap Holiday to London:

  • London Zoo – The London Zoo houses over 755 species of animals, including the Gorilla who reside in the Gorilla Kingdom. The London Zoo opened in 1828 for scientific studies and officially opened its gates to the public in the year of 1847. Since then, the London Zoo has added many wonderful exhibits, including Intro Africa, Komodo Dragons, Meet the Monkeys, and the Reptile House. The London Zoo also was the first zoo to house an aquarium. The current Aquarium was built in 1924 to expand the size of the aquarium to meet the demands of the public.
  • Buckingham Palace – Buckingham Palace is primary home of the Royal Family of England. The palace is located in Westminster, which is also home to Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret Church. One of Buckingham Palace most popular attractions is the changing of the guards. Viewing of the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace is free to the public. During the summer months, Buckingham Palace also offers limited tours of the palace.
  • British Museum – The British Museum is great place to spend a day while on holiday to London. The British Museum was established in 1753. The museum is broken down into ten departments. The British Museum is home to the largest ancient Egyptian collection outside of Egypt. The museum also is home to the Rosetta Stone, the Mummy of Ginger, and the Mummy of Cleopatra from Thebes. Admission to the British Museum is free and it is opened seven days a week (closed on holidays).
  • London West End – London West End is known around the world as the theatre distract of London. The London West End is the place to visit if you are looking to take in one of the latest shows and musical in London. The theatre performances are on par with those of Broadway in New York City. There are roughly forty venues located in London West end. The St. Martin’s Theater is home to the longest running musical in the world, “The Mousetrap”.
  • Other Must See London Attractions – London has a vast number of historical and national monuments to visit while on holiday. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in London are the Tower of London (which houses the Crown Jewels of London), the London Bridge, the Clock Tower (popular referred to as Big Ben), Downing Street, and St. Margaret Church . All of these places are ones any tourist should visit while on holiday to London.

London is an incredible place to visit when looking for a cheap holiday. With its many historical monuments to its exciting theatre area, London as much to offer to anyone looking to visit the city. You will not be disappointed when you book your next cheap holiday to London.

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