Holiday to Bristol Tourist Information

Bristol – Make your next cheap holiday to Bristol, England unforgettable by enjoying its many exciting tourist destinations. Many holiday goers enjoy visiting Bristol because it has relatively inexpensive accommodations, compared to the other common England holiday locations, such as Bath or London. Bristol is located in West Country. The best time to visit Bristol, England is in the summer months, when many of the major festivals take place. Bristol has many bars, restaurants and shops. The city of Bristol is also known for its wide variety of events, such as theatres, visual arts and live music.

Points of Interest for Cheap Holidays to Bristol, England:

  • Biking – Bristol, England has plenty of bike paths and routes. The centre of the National Cycle Network is located in this city. Located on the College Green, one will find Avon Cycle Way. Avon Cycle way provides free cycling maps of paths in Bristol and the surrounding areas.
  • Pirate Walks – Pirate Pete conducts a one hour walking tour of the historic harbor side of Bristol. This tour includes historical sites from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.
  • Bristol, England has many things to offer from affordable accommodations to its large selection of bars and restaurants. Taking a long bike ride or enjoying the pirate walk with Pirate Pete is always a great way to spend an afternoon in Bristol. You will not be disappointed if your next cheap holiday was to Bristol, Englan.

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